Monday, 18 January 2010

what with being ill and everything i have had a bit of time on my hands and i've been filling it with a very productive craft! about a year ago my auntie julie taught me to knit and gave me a pattern to knit some corsages which my mother has agreed to sell at her next school fair. so now i've been knitting the really easy pattern to make a few which i sew a button in the middle and attach a safety pin to or a hairband for presents or to sell. here are a few pictures:

here's the finished article on my pyjamas which pins on at the back.

here are two of the finished ones. these two have both got pins at the back. i usually like to put a completementary coloured button but these ones were for friends who asked for these colours.

the blue wool is a wool that i'm currently working on. you can also kind of see the green knitted part which is the corsage before it has all been sewn together.

i hope you enjoyed a small peek into the workings of a master. haha- no that's definitely my god-mother... ;)

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