Thursday, 15 July 2010

summer school- two words that according to my friend shouldn't go together

i know i haven't posted anything for a while but i wanted to write and say what an absolutely amazing and inspiring time i had with the future foundations team at cambridge and essex university. we spent three days, including an overnight stay at newnham college, studying fascinating tutorials about medicine, doing interesting experiments using glucose, balloons and glue and learning different techniques so that we could become more in control of our actions and goals. we also learnt debating and public speaking skills which were really useful and fun to do but the most dramatic thing i think which happened was my lovely but excruciatingly shy best friend standing up at the end on her own to say thankyou to everyone for building her confidence. it really brought tears to my eyes! she is so lovely but worries all the time what people think and how they will react to her actions so her being able to do that was a huge jump. i am so proud of you heather!!! and thankyou future foundations!!!

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