Tuesday, 12 January 2010

st john ambulance!

i'm off to my st john ambulance meeting later which i always look forward to every week. the only problem is all the forms that i'm constantly waiting to come through! i handed in my joining pack early november and i'm still waiting for my crb check to go through and my references to go through! i know that a crb check is always necessary but i'm only 16! and i can't go and help the public until everything's come through... i'm also a cadet which means that i intend to spend this evening covered in plasticine, makeup and fake blood while undertaking a casualty simulation! fun. ;)


  1. You're too young to be a proper criminal. It never occured to me that you would need a CRB check! And you MAY be pleased to know that I always correct people who call it St John's Ambulance.

  2. thankyou andrew- you, and only you, seem to understand the pain... ;)